Atlanta BeltLine Visitor's Center Displays

Without an official brand guide, we used some existing pieces to guide us in the making of the panels for the Atlanta BeltLine Visitor’s Center. We incorporated some existing graphic elements – such as the diagonal lines, group of arrows, wedged corner ribbon and mosaic shapes – and introduced some new ones – a series of dotted lines to represent paths, text that bleeds to the edge – that were used throughout most of the pieces produced to provide a sense of commonality and to make the pieces all work well with each other. We used the main colors in the mosaic icon to guide us color-wise and created many pieces with those colors at the forefront.

Trace Park Design functioned as the main design house for most of the pieces, creating many panels and infographic, so most of the panels on display were produced by us. Our contribution to this urban landscape continues as we are still in production for more panels including the official wall to wall timeline describing the process of the Atlanta BeltLine.

Branding, Infographic, Illustration
Atlanta BeltLine Partnership
Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop

To see images and videos of some of the pieces produced, click the button below (it takes you to our Insta).